Some Wow Facts About Printers Which You Should Know


Today printers have become a very important and crucial part for carrying out various operations at large corporations and small home businesses.

At homes also printers are used for various practical purposes such as for printing various documents such as assignments, grocery lists, and art projects.

Like every technological invention printers also cater some very amazing and interesting facts with it. So let us have to look at some very amazing facts about printers.

1.Nowadays mostly every printer cartridges consist of toner which basically are made up of plastic. A toner is transferred from the cartridge to the paper by using electrostatic charges. After the toner arrives on the paper, it is melted so that it can bind up with the fibers of the paper. Fuser rollers are used for handling this process which uses the heat to meal the toner particles. At times the temperature of a fuser roller can reach more than 205 degrees Celsius for melting toner particles.

2.Though the fuser rollers use 205 degrees Celsius for melting toner particles but toner particles can even melt at a very low temperature. In fact, you can even melt toner particles using the heat of your hands.

3.You must be thinking that 205 degrees Celsius temperature is way more enough for burning or smoldering paper. But the fuser roller move over the paper so rapidly which prevents the paper from smoldering or burning from the heat generated from the rollers.

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