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  • What Makes Magento The KING of eCommerce Platforms?


    Online businesses require a smart CMS (Content Management System) platform. And, Magento is without doubt one of the most preferred eCommerce platform by providing robust features and flexibility to online business owners in every aspect including content, appearance and functionalities of their online stores. Magento has rich administrative interface for Marketing, SEO and Inventory management tools which help them to create a perfect online store. And, to match their business requirements, they always prefer to Hire Dedicated Magento Developers who can develop store according to their business requirements.

    Reasons why Magento is KING of eCommerce Platforms.

     It has lots of easy-to-use features.

    • It automatically updates your website.
    • It has versatile functionalities to help your visitors browse your store conveniently.
    • It provides highly interactive and enjoyable experience for visitors.
    • It also offers various tools for online marketing and search engine optimization to help promote your eCommerce store.
    • This PHP based eCommerce platform is completely free to install, modify and use.
    • You can easily integrate Google analytics to monitor traffic and has the ability to generate different kinds of reports including sales reports, detailed visitors reports, shopping cart reports and many more.
    • This platform also includes caching techniques such as Varnish and other database optimization techniques to ensure speed and timely results.


    How Magento is Better Than Other Platforms?

     Magento Vs. Shopify

     Shopify offers only approx 200 templates where, Magento offers hundreds of templates and extensions too.

    • Magento is an open-source platform, whereas, Shopify is a smaller platform than Magento and requires its own language to work on.
    • Magento also offers a wide range of customization tools and reporting functionalities which Shopify does not have.
    • Shopify offers limited time frame and only preferable to those who have smaller businesses where, Magento provides solutions for rich, dependable and heavy loaded online stores.

    Magento Vs. WordPress

     WordPress has limited features for eCommerce website. Thus, you can not create a heavy eCommerce website with loaded products using the WordPress platform.

    • Magento also provides more security than the WordPress platform.
    • Unlike WordPress, Magento offers a high level of customization tools and functionalities to match the merchant’s requirements to create a responsive design.
    • WordPress also needs to add third-party extensions to setup an online store features where Magento has in-build basic extensions and features for eCommerce websites.
    • Magento also provides a large number of payment gateway integration, which wordpress doesn’t.

    Choosing the right eCommerce platform can be confusing for you. But, it’s important that you choose the right eCommerce solution for your online store. However, I’m sure that after reading this article, you have cleared many doubts and understood why Magento is the right eCommerce platform.